What does the project involved and which areas of Student Central will be affected by this project? 


Why is the work necessary?





What services will be affected by the project? 


The updates will mainly be on the ground and first floors of Student Central. On those floors we are focusing on changes to the space currently occupied by Johnny Mac, Asylum and Sanc. The shop, Eats and ground floor toilets have recently been refurbished and will not be affected by the project. The Johnny Mac toilets will be removed, freeing up a large space at the centre of the ground floor. 

On the first floor we will create new, flexible social spaces as well as reworking current staff offices. 

Our building design has evolved over time with areas been added as new services are required. As the needs of our members change we must evolve both our services and spaces to ensure we remain at the forefront of the student experience. With the commitment of £4.5 million by the University, we now have the opportunity to work closely with them to design spaces that not only meet the needs of our members now but also consider our future members and how they want to study, socialise, relax and engage with our opportunities.  

Work will be taking place over several years, in stages to minimise the impact on students. We are still in the concept stages of this project so do not yet have a schedule of what will take place when, however as soon as we do will will use this site, student newsletters and our social media channels to keep you up to date with any changes to services. 

How have students been involved in the design of new spaces?

As soon as the University approved the budget we opened consultation with students. We ran three interactive workshops with current students where they gave their opinions on the current building, talked about how they use the spaces we have and took part in competitions to develop solutions to some of the problems with the building. We also ran sessions at three local sixth forms to understand how our future students may want to use our building.

Your Student Officers have also been involved in the project at every stage of the process. Ensuring that the student voice is represented in any decisions that are made.  

How can I get involved in this project? 


You can fill out a survey to tell us what you love, hate and would change about Student Central. Click here to share your thoughts. 

You can also register your interest to take part in future consultation here.