>>> This month we have

Shared the results of our student survey with you here so you can see how students ranked various building issues and suggestions from the workshop stage of our consultation. 

Invited Postgraduate and International students and students that live at home to sign up for additional consultation so we can talk to you about what you need from our spaces. Sign up here. 

>>> What's happened so far



Closed our all student survey, The survey was developed following the workshop sessions. Common themes were extracted and students were asked to rank responses them in order of importance/preference. 491 students completed the survey. 

January - February

Between December 2017 and February 2018 we ran a series of workshops with current students, elected representatives and students from a local college and sixth forms. Find out what they said here. 

We used this information to create an all student survey which we launch on valentines day - asking what you love and loathe about our building. 


We invited architects, Space to visit Student Central and evaluate the building. They shared with us what they felt were the strengths of the spaces we have and what the opportunities were to improve. 

The University reviewed these plans and approved £4.5 million to be spent on Student Central over the next two years. Read the announcement here. 

We began our consultation on the project by running interactive workshops with groups of current and potential students attending local sixth forms and colleges. You can register your interest to take part in future paid workshops here.